Because Fire Is Everyone's Fight

Our goals is to have every community reaching out to help their neighbors, supporting their local Fire Department & learning more about fire safety education & prevention. 

Almost all 911 calls are a failure in prevention, be it a medical call or a fire call, if we work on this together, learning from each other,  we can make measurable impacts in our communities.


Your Hotel Room is your safe place, its best conduct all business outside of your room if possible.  Your insurance agent will have someone contacting you about a rental home while your home is being restored or rebuilt. The first day or two will be a blur, reach out to a Mental Health Counselor as needed.


Care for yourself & family - Alert your doctor and make an appointment to be seen. Check with your pharmacist on all medications taken out of the home after the fire. Check all medical equipment. Begin to compile a list of the special needs for caregivers, children, pets & seniors. 


Financial documents, Bank/Credit Accounts, Policies, Utilities, Personal ID, Any items lost in the fire that need to be reordered or re-issued. Recovering Passwords to all of your accounts. Take a step back off the grid and rebuild your networks. Find a new organizing system that doesn't add stress. 


Gathering Information/Preparing for Meetings- Insurance Policy, Temporary Housing Agency, Insurance Agent/Adjuster, Securing your home, Fire Department/Fire Marshal & Other City Officials. Preferred Agencies from your agent to rebuild/restore your home or finding your own.  You will be asked to save all receipts and begin to make a list of all the items lost in the fire.  


Returning to "Normal" - Daycare, school, work, friends and family life balance again.

Self- Care and being around friends and family are steps towards your journey back home, if you are still struggling, there are resources to help. 


Pet Life, Vet, Playtime, Coping with the loss/separation of a pet can be very difficult, it is important to ensure you have a support system around you to talk to someone or to be with you while you visit your pet away from home again.