Community Outreach


Our grass roots efforts can only happen with support of our volunteers.  Everyone is welcome to give back to our communities and feel good about paying  it forward.

Community Events


Volunteers are essential to the success of every event. We are pleased to help with other projects and we respond when called upon by our communities.  

Fundraising for Charity


Our community recognizes that as a 501c3 public charity, we need help with donations to fund our programs and events.  

On-Call Volunteers


We work with other nonprofits to ensure our communities get the best connections to all people with open hearts willing to lend a helping hand to better our communities.

Short Term Volunteering


As a Red Cross resource for Anoka, Hennepin,  Sherburne & Wright Counties, we are humbled to service our communities when they are in need of volunteers:  

  • Fire
  • Flood 
  • Storms
  • Natural Disasters

On-Going Volunteering


We provide educational opportunities to learn more about how to close the gaps for our communities we serve during: 

  • Expos and Open House Events
  • Teaching Classes or Seminars
  • Community Events