CARE Resource Connection is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization made up of a network of healthcare, public service and business professionals that are dedicated to “bridging the gaps between our communities & the resources they need.”


Bridging the gaps between our community and resources they need by reducing social, economic, and psychological barriers to care & services. 


Empowering and creating advocates in health, safety & wellness to create measurable differences in the lives of the community members we serve. 

Our Core Programs


When Police & Fire respond to a 911 call they are responding to call for help. CARE Resource Connection is an added resource tool for the first responders and the chief officers to use when they identify a need to connect to care and services. For some community members calling 911 is their only access to healthcare. 


 After the Red Cross has provided the Crisis Assistance at the scene of the fire, we are called to carry out the case management services as needed. Helping victims of house fires is gut-wrenchingly  meaningful. Life as families know it has changed and after the fire is put out, that is where the connection to resources are needed the most. 


 For some people the process of navigating the road to connect to care and services feels impossible. People just "don't know what they don't know". We are humbled to have a network of trusted healthcare partners who are experienced in helping you connect to care and services. 

How Can You Help?


As a non-profit organization, our work is entirely supported by in-kind donations, grants, volunteers, and contributions from individuals, businesses and community groups. We welcome you to join our family of donors with a tax-deductible donation to CARE Resource Connection .

 Our Tax ID # 81-5403527 

CARE Resource Connection is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working toward the greater good of our community and beyond. With your help, we can continue to help people connect to resources.

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