Bridging the gaps between our community and resources they need by reducing social, economic, and psychological barriers to care & services. 


Empowering and creating advocates in health, safety & wellness to create measurable differences in the lives of the community members we serve. 


Welcome Jason Tank!

Welcome Jason Tank!

Welcome Jason Tank!


 He has been selected as our 

Executive Director of Business Development 

Community Health Programs 

Jason's Bio

Welcome Jason Tank!

Welcome Jason Tank!

 Jason Tank completed undergraduate studies in mathematics and chemistry and a graduate program in Physical Therapy from the University of South Dakota. He has focused his career on improving the lives of seniors and assisting them to age in place. He was a home healthcare PT for 13 years before transitioning into roles as Education Director, Clinical Manager, Home HealthCare Administrator, and into his current role as Director of Service Line Development for Interim HealthCare of the Twin Cities and serves as a member of their Senior Leadership Team. During his tenure with Interim HealthCare, he has focused on developing business intelligence and data analytics, metrics, and measurables that show the direct impact of the agency’s services and drive business decisions and solutions. In June of 2019, Jason began working closely with CARE Resource Connections (CRC) and the Saint Louis Park Fire Department to evaluate and help promote CRC’s mission and vision to bridge the healthcare gap through analysis of social determinants of health and improve the quality of the local senior population while reducing the strain and overuse of 911 EMS services.